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Our tooling solutions are available to metal-cutting industries around the world.

Accent Abrasives LLC
Actek Mfg & Engineering
Action Super Abrasives
Alliance Specialties Corp.
Allied Caster & Equipment Co.
Allied Metal Finishing, Inc.
Allied Sheet Metal Works
American Tool Service, Inc.
AWD Associates, Inc.
Best Carbide Cutting Tools
Boneham Metal Products 
Brubaker / Dauphin Precision Tool
Carbide Depot
Carboline Premium Cutting Tools
Carolina Fluid Components, Inc.
Catawba Industrial Rubber Co
Certex USA, Inc
Cincinnati Tyrolit
Cinetic Landis Grinding
CJT Koolcarb Inc.
Clover Tool Grinding Inc.
Competitive Carbide
Conical Tool
Contour 360
Damen Carbide Tool Co. Inc                 
Data Flute CNC/Bershire Precision Tool
Diacut, Inc.                                               
Dorian Tool International
Dubose Strapping
Dumbarton Tool Inc.
Dynacut Industries
E-Z Burr Tool Company
Edward Andrews
Even Cut Abrasives
Fastener Supply Company

Fein Power Tools

Forest City Tool
GARD Specialist Company
Glastonbury Southern Gage 

Global CNC Industries

Hannibal Carbide Tool Inc.                   
Hayden Twist & Drill & Tool Co.
Henry Tools             
Holmbury, Inc.
Hydraulic Engineered Products
Imco Carbide Tool Inc.
J  & M  Diamond Tool
Kano Laboratories Inc
Keen Kut Products
Kelch, Inc.
Keo Cutters                                   
King Machine & Tool Co.
Landis Threading Systems    
Lavallee & Ide Co.
Lyndex-Nikken Inc.

M.A. Ford
Magnetool Inc.
Manson Tool & Supply Co.
Mastercut Tool Corp.
Meadville Plating
Melin Tool                                              
Metric & Multistandard Components
Michigan Drill Corp.
Milwaukee Machine Works, Inc./Daco

Modern Abrasive Corp.
Monroe Fluid Technology

Monster Carbide

Morse Cutting Tools
Niabraze Corp.
Niagara Cutter
North American Carbide
NTK Cutting Tool
Oerlikon Balzers Coating
ORS Nasco
PCT/GW Cutting Tools, Inc.
Piedmont Plastics
PM Recovery, Inc.
Precision Components
Precision Saw Works

Preform Specialties Inc.

Production Tool Supply

Quality Chaser Company

Ram-Pac International
Reduction Engineering
Regal Cutting Tools
Retention Knob Supply
Riten Industries
Robb Jack Corporation
Roentgen USA
Safeway Sling USA, Inc.
Scientific Cutting Tools
Seco Tools Inc.
Simmons Engineering Corp.
Simonds International Corp.
Sowa Tool & Machine Company 
SPI-Swiss Precision Instruments
Stellram/Metalworking Products

Taylor Pneumatic Tool
Techniks, Inc.
Tecnara Tooling Systems
Tombstone City
Tool Warehouse
United Drill Bushing Corp.
Vega Tool Corporation
Vestil Manufacturing
VSM Abrasives
Web Industries
Wel-Co Diamond Tools
Whiteside Machine & Repair
Whitney Tool Company
Widell Industries Inc.
YG-1 Tool Co. LTD
YMW Taps

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